Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Going Back

Hello Everyone,

A quick post to say that I'm on my way to Sam's House right now with Hannah Smith (from Yale and Jefferson Court, yes) and Brittany Jablonsky (a recently graduated UMM Cougar and North Dakotan but not in that order) who's coming the other way around the globe through Amsterdam and Dubai.

We'll be in KTM for a few days and then to Pokhara where we'll stay nearly a month at Sam's House. Hannah and Brittany have graciously offered their summers to spend time with the children and will also be looking into other volunteer opportunities in Pokhara.

We'll be sure to follow with plenty of pictures and stories. One of my tasks for this trip is shooting video that will eventually be put into some sort of promotional piece for Sam's House. I have a great camera on loan from Pioneer Public Television (Are you a member?) in Appleton, Minnesota. If I don't drive Hannah, Brittany and everyone else crazy with the constant filming we will probably have some nice footage to help us fundraise and plan for the future.

I'll also have some details on Prema, who is the newest didi at Sam's House. She's been with us for roughly a month.

Otherwise, we're looking forward to spending a lot of time with the children, doing homework, playing, lounging around. Good stuff. All is well.


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jmf said...

Be careful, be safe, and have a wonderful time. Give everyone a squeeze for us.