Sunday, April 13, 2008

Morris Yard Sale, 2008 Edition

Sleet nor rain nor ten inches of heavy, wet snow can dampen the annual Sam's House yard sale in Morris.

Despite an April snowstorm and temperatures just above freezing, the yard sale raised $2,081 (revised figure) for Sam's House, a total that will support the children's home for almost a month. That's food, clothes, shelter, and school for twenty children plus livelihood for four didis and our tutor.

We have many, many people to thank for their contributions of time, sale items, publicity and general good person-ness.

Carole Butler
Jen and Mike Cihak
Adele and Jim Cotter
Karen Cusey
Pilar and Michael Eble
Becca Gercken
Margaret Giles
Jen and Troy Goodnough
Skip Hesse
Brittany Jablonsky
Jo Johnson
Rebecca and Jamey Jones
Jillian Hiscock
Brittany Kill
Chrissy Kolaya and Brook Miller
Pareena and Todd Lawrence
Jen and Chris Lund
Argie and Lisa Manolis
Anne and Steve Noonan
Carol and Larry Perkins
Pam and Brad Perkins
Heather Peters and Kevin Stefanek
Ruth Rothchild
Jan and Owen Sammelson
Jeanne Sammelson and Peter Lund
Ray Schultz and Roger Wareham
Jennifer and Tamler Sommers
Cheryl and Dennis Stewart
Ben Toll
Timna and Peter Wyckoff

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

On Friday, the sales team looked nervous. The tension was palpable.

Early Saturday morning, temperatures just above freezing, the weather threatened to keep people away...

... and still they came. Thank goodness.

The cashier's table.

The 2008 team.


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Sheila said...

Brrr! April snow is no fun. Glad the tag sale was such a big success again. You should keep your sales team on retainer. :)