Wednesday, April 02, 2008

For More Updates...

For more updates I want to encourage you to visit Gordon and KC's blog and their photo page. They've been at Sam's House since January and will stay through the end of April. We appreciate their incredible help and generosity--and willingness to share their pictures!

A quick word on the radio visit. One of our Nepali trustees owns a local radio station (Pokhara FM--95.8 on your Nepalese FM dial.) and they have a weekly children's show. Four Sam's House children (Maya, Mina, Babit and Dhiraj) were invited on the air to tell jokes and stories. We don't have a tape of the show (yet) but Dinesh and Gordon report that it was a great success.

You'll also see the children recently celebrated Holi, perhaps the most fun holiday of the year involving water balloons, squirt guns and colored powder. What's not to like?


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