Thursday, April 10, 2008

Exam Results

The children took their final exams a few weeks ago and the results came in last week. Several Sam's House children did very well, placing in the top three of their respective classes.

For the second term in a row, Sarita was the top student in class LKG.

Saran and Santosh placed 2 and 3 in the nursery class.

Mina came in first in UKG while Sabita was third.

And Maya placed third in class 1.

All in all, the children did extremely well and much of that credit goes to our tutor, Ms. Laxmi, for all her excellent work.

And much of that credit goes to you who enable these children to go to such a fine school. As you may recall, many of our children did not attend school (or attend school regularly) prior to Sam's House. Because of your generosity and support, they are receiving an excellent education and a better chance to succeed and contribute in the future. Thank you.

Now it is summer break for school. Look out world: Rina starts nursery school in two weeks!

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Sheila said...

Nice work--everyone has been working very hard!

Hope things are all good and stable following the elections today.