Sunday, March 16, 2008

GEBS Sports Day

The children recently participated in Sports Day at their school.

Dinesh reports that our children won 15 medals in the various games, including the ever-grueling "Catch a Candy in Your Mouth without Using Your Hands" game.

Gordon and KC, our long-time volunteers, were honored at the games and gave out the awards afterwards.

Some photos from the day...

Catch a candy.

Maya in the balloon stomp.

One of the football teams ready for competition. That's Babit and Dhiraj, third and fourth from the left. Gordon has been helping coach the team before school in the mornings.

Saran dancing for his classmates.

Musical chairs.

A group shot of all the children with their Sports Day certificates.

Gordon and KC honored before the awards ceremony for their volunteer work.

Suraj receives his medal from Gordon, the "chief guest" of the day.

Sarita steps forward to receive her prize.

Mina receives an award from Gordon.

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