Friday, February 15, 2008

Miss Laxmiko Bihaa Bhayo!!!!

Laxmi Gurung, the Sam's House tutor, was married this week to her boyfriend, Dil. The newlyweds celebrated with a reception at SOS Village on Monday night, followed by the wedding service on Tuesday, and a restaurant reception Tuesday night.

Dinesh, Rekha and the didis were all invited. Our current volunteers, Gordon and KC, attended as well and they submitted the following photos for our enjoyment.

Laxmi and Dil at the start of the wedding ceremony.

Dil and Laxmi entering Bhadrakali Temple--the same place we had a picnic with the children last summer. The cloth tying them together symbolizes their new union.

Dinesh, Rekha, Ritesh, Diksha, Laxmi, Dil, Dil's mother, Gordon and KC.

Laxmi and KC at the reception.

Fortunately, Laxmi's marriage does not mean she'll be leaving Sam's House. She plans to continue tutoring, which is great, because the children adore her.

On behalf of all our supporters here in the US, we'd like to wish Laxmi and Dil a long and happy marriage. Congratulations!

"Bihaa bhayo" translates as "wedding happened." When people ask if you are married, they inquire "tapaaiko bihaa bhayo?" Did your wedding happen?


By the way, for more Sam's House info and photos, Gordon and KC are keeping a blog during their volunteer stay. Please take a look here.