Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Volunteers and More

A quick update from here... but mostly photos.

Things are quite good here in the Bagar district of Pokhara. My mother and I arrived three days ago. Two volunteers--Gordon and KC--arrived yesterday from St. Louis. They quit their jobs in Boston, sold most of their belongings, moved back to KC's home (Gordon is Cleveland born and bred), and hit the road. They're going to be here four months! The children will be very lucky to have their company. We are delighted to be the recipients of their considerable largesse.

Not much to say at the moment except that the children are doing better than when we last saw them in June. They are so incredibly well-behaved! Meal time with 20 children and everyone sits properly and takes their meal. We handed out gifts and they all waited until their name was called. The didis and Dinesh have done an amazing job.

All the children look wonderful, healthy and hale. Gaining weight, doing well in school. Sandeep, the new boy, is hilarious. He salutes everyone and then gives a Namaste. I could watch him do that all day. All the girls in the house compete to see who can carry him.

So here are some early photos.


Mina with Kamala. Kamala came to Sam's House through a local Nepali non-profit that provides work training to young women seeking careers in child care. They pay her salary and Sam's House provides the boarding, work place and training. It's a great deal for us and didis get some help. The children adore Kamala and she seems to be enjoying the work. She will be here for three months.

Tutor Laxmi administering homework checks after school.

Sandeep and Maya after school.

The children in the queue, waiting for the school bus.

Pratima models a new look from Julie Pelletier, the local Morris hatter.

The Prime Minister, Bishal, models a new hat.

Saran would like your autograph.

Kiran shows her new autograph book courtesy of Jen Forshey Crafts.

Dhiraj and Gordon meet.

KC and Rina compare sunglasses.

Carole sitting with Asuna, Mina, Amrit, Babit and Pratima.

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Jells said...

Good to see that the trip over went well and that things are great at Sam's House. Have a wonderful stay there and keep up all the posts to the blog. I love the pictures of the kids and Carole looks like she is having a great time.