Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sam's House Goes Green

Thanks to a recent donation, Sam's House has acquired solar panels for emergency lighting. I'd like to tell you that it's our commitment to going green (that's certainly part of it), but moreso because electric power is extremely unreliable during the dry months in Nepal.

Presently, per government mandate, all homes and buildings have 36 hours of blackout per week. In a home with twenty children, as you can imagine, this is particularly challenging. The solar panels will charge up to four lights in our house and keep the children walking around without fear of stubbing a toe or, better yet, tipping over a candle!

Here are a few more photos I didn't have time to post...

Bye for now.

Sandeep and Asuna share a joke.

Young scholars of Nepal on the bus.

Maya, Pratima and Kiran waiting for the bus.

Suraj pulls on his socks while Santosh waits for his line partner.

Ranjit and Ama's granddaughter, Sumenta, with Maya and Mina. As the lone 11-year old in the house, all the younger girls are quite smitten with and imitative of her. Sumenta's really great with all the children. Takes dance lessons with the group on Saturdays.

The Pokhara Valley from our picnic site.

Dhiraj points out Gorkha English Boarding School to Saran.

Some more dance moves from the prime minister. Reminiscent of Gene Gene the Dancing Machine.

Diksha and Maya before the balloon stomp.

Sarita fixes a blindfold for "pin the tika."

The didis brought an extension cord for the radio, presumably to reach that house in the top of the frame.

Shelling hard-boiled eggs for breakfast.

Tea break.

Laxmi and Maya at the picnic.

Babit walking with Carole to the picnic. Though the other children ran ahead, he stayed with my mother the whole way.

Rina in her picnic dress. Funny thing: of course, given Rina's play habits, the dress is rather dirty in no time at all. But every time she sits down on the grass, she's careful to smooth it flat underneath herself. Very cute to watch.

Laxmi showing Maya the proper technique to "bump" the volleyball.

Sushma steals a quiet moment during volleyball lessons.

"Gordon Uncle" drawing a crowd.

Sarita, Sabita, Maya and Pooja.

Santosh, Ritesh and Saran after school.

A quick Namaste from the Colonel. Waiting at the bus stop for his siblings to come home.

The prime minister hitting the books.

Rina, only shy at first.

This is Umar, our part-time accountant. Dinesh knew him from his previous employment at the International Nepal Fellowship.

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Greg Deegan said...

The girls loved the pictures of the picnic- and they were reminded of the "Sound of Music"... Your kids are so cute. Greg feels sorry for the Colonel and your posting a picture of his very private moment, but I thought it was adorable to capture the salute at that moment... Keep the pictures coming- we love them. Katie's Brownie troop made a small donation today, but more will come in the future. They are studying Nepal every month and getting updates about your children. We will have a Nepal celebration next month and try to learn more about the culture. Keep in touch when you can, and tell your Mom that we are incredibly impressed with her trip- and she is an inspiration like you and Jen, and a reminder that we need to plan a trip when possible. Lots of love from Cleveland,