Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Maya and Mina and More Pics

The other day I was sitting in Dinesh's office while he was giving KC and Gordon some introduction to the house. He was talking about how well the children do in school on a social level. We used to worry that being the only children from an orphanage might stigmatize them among their classmates. But that hasn't been the case. There's a young girl from their school who is in the ninth grade and who stops by from time to time to play with children and show them her artwork.

In fact, Dinesh added, some of the older children are coming to apprehend their situation in a positive way. As an example, Maya and Mina recently told Dinesh that when they get older and have jobs, they're going to give money to Sam's House so other children can grow up there.

Gordon and KC officially arrived as visitors today after spending a couple nights at a hotel to adjust to the jet lag. Though they'd been at the house for the past two days, we had a formal introduction just before dinner tonight. When we announced they would be staying for four months, the children applauded. And then Gordon and KC passed out gifts (cars to the boys, hairclips to the girls) which were received with ever-so-much appreciation.

This morning Carole and I went with Asuna and Sushma to the Manipal hospital because Sandeep and Kiren needed a few vaccinations. Sandeep (a.k.a. The Colonel, for his tendency to salute on greeting) was, predictably, not excited about this but the didis kept him occupied with cheese puffs.

My sister and brother-in-law gave me some money specifically to take the didis shopping for a new outfit and accessories. We couldn't all go at once so Asuna, Sushma and Tara went yesterday. And Sarita, Kamala and Laxmi went today. They were almost apoplectic with embarrassment and excitement. To get a new outfit was one thing, but to have someone "take them shopping" seemed to be another. I always feel really awkward about getting to see the results over here when the lion's share of the credit belongs to everyone back home--this was another one of those situations. Among the didis while shopping, there was much chatter and gleeful tittering and displaying of possible choices to each other. It's a small reward for the work they do.

This Saturday, Dinesh has organized a picnic to celebrate the first anniversary of Sam's House. Members of the Nepali board will join us in Sarangkot, on a hillside there, for games and lunch. Should be fun.

That's all for now. More later.


Sarita helps Asuna didi with cutting some garlic for dinner.

The Colonel during a brief moment on the playground when one of his new sisters isn't trying to carry him around.

On our way to get a taxi to the hospital.

Gordon and KC walk with Kiran and Rina to the bus stop to meet the children. A daily highlight.

Homework again today! Miss Laxmi presiding.

Kiran, Pooja and Pratima--three down the slide at once, an all-time playground classic!

Gordon and KC watching cartoons with the children before dinner.

KC Aunty with the gang after giving out some hair clips to the girls.

Sabita works on her tennis footwork... Ranjit, our landlord, came down and gave a lesson to the children today. Not all of them participate... the young'uns tend to lose focus. But the older girls, especially Mina and Sabita, seem to enjoy it.

Mina practicing her touch with the racquet while Ranjit looks on.


Anonymous said...

awesome! everyone looks great and seem like they get along so well.

so, truthfully, how much fighting goes on in the house? ;)

jmf said...

CB and CB: We love getting the updates and pictures. Everyone looks so happy and healthy! Please squeeze them tightly for me. xoox

Mike Cihak said...

Glad things are going well!