Saturday, January 12, 2008

Exams Begin

Exams for the second term began this morning. The children had a day off school last week specifically for preparation. Laxmi spent all day drilling the children and going over questions. It's pretty serious stuff.

More pics, mostly from the day's school preparation.

The Colonel says: "Just because I'm being potty trained over here doesn't mean you forget to salute a superior, soldier. Drop and give me twenty."

Sarita sweeps the front walk.

The morning chores--dishes and clothes. All done by hand in cold (icy cold) water. Did we mention how hard the didis work?

Amrit primped and ready to go.

Rina and Mamata. You may be wondering about Rina's shiner. The other day she decided to blindfold herself and walk around the playground. Within five seconds, before anyone could intervene, she fell, face first. Fortunately she was only momentarily deterred and soon bounding around the playground again.

Hello, my name is Suraj and when I'm preparing for exams I take my one-a-day gummy Cars vitamin. Just one vitamin a day keeps me sharp and ready for all the challenges of my school day. Even though I'm only in lower kindergarten, gummy Cars vitamins make sure I get the most of every minute. Gummy Cars vitamins--in the health aid section of your local grocery store.

(A super huge thank you to Allison Coho and her students at Deer Run Elementary in Dublin, Ohio who collected more than 100 bottles of multivitamins for the Sam's House children. Thanks to them, we have well over two years of vitamins, making sure the get the best nutrition possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you.)

Laxmi doubles as a stylist after the morning lessons.

Gordon helps the Prime Minister with his shoes.

Ready to head out.

Laxmi hands out test cards to the children. You need this card for taking your exams. I'm not quite sure why they use this, perhaps test fraud, like bringing your ID to the LSATs?

Manju's test card. No one will be illegally taking her exams. She doesn't need it. Manju placed third position in her class last term.

On the way to the bus stop.

Sabita's pencil box and clip board.

Banita, Mamata and Dhiraj on the bus.

Maya with a couple of school friends.

Maya and Mina at the back of their lines during morning assembly.

p.s. Those of you who have been reading this blog for some time might appreciate this... the other day my mother and I rode the bus to school with the children. In Nepal, the schoolteachers ride the bus with the children to ensure good behavior. There was an older teacher who I remembered from my previous visit. When I sat down she told me that all the Sam's House kids were so "good and disciplined." Of course it was nice to hear that. Then she said, "except one." Who might be this solitary child? Bishal, the prime minister, of course. Oh well. 17 out of 18 isn't bad. Just wait until they get a load of Rina, who, as my mother will now attest, is just as much a stinker (though a cute stinker) as her pictures suggest.



Greg Deegan said...

I have been following along on a daily basis, and I have to say that I look forward to each picture, to each smiling face, and the girls and I are trying to learn each name. They all look so happy and healthy. And you and your mom look like you are enjoying every minute. Good luck with the rest of your trip, and give your best to Carole from us. Thanks for making our day!!! Lots of love and hugs to all of the kids. Love, Liz

Anonymous said...

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