Saturday, January 12, 2008

1st Anniversary Picnic

I spent most of my cybercafe time posting pictures so I have little time left to narrate. We had a picnic today to celebrate the first anniversary of Sam's House, marking a year since Dinesh and Rekha began putting all the pieces together for our opening on March 1.

The children were, needless to say, quite excited for the outing. It was a beautiful day and tons of fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It's days like this that you enable these children to enjoy.

Last summer I took the older children to this same hillside just for some exploring. On our way down tonight, Mina pointed out every landmark she remembered from that trip--where we drank water, where we rested, where we found objects, where we played certain games. It just reminded me that though we can't afford to make outings like this all the time, the children make the most of it and they enjoy every minute.


The didis modeling their SH shirts.

Laxmi putting cold cream on Maya's face. She did this for all the girls.

KC and Binita.

Carole and Sabita waiting for departure.

Queueing up and head count.

Mountains in the distance.

KC leads Saran and Bishal along the route.

Taking a rest on the way up.

Our picnic site.

Saran learns how to yo-yo from Gordon, sort of.

We started with breakfast of donuts, hard-boiled eggs, potatoes and tea. You can't beat it.

Dinesh leads away a stray goat that had wandered into our picnic area during breakfast.

When we first arrived, the girls set up a dance circle, which they like to do. Those sitting sing a song and one person dances. Too cute for words. This is Sabita.

We had a balloon stomp. Here are the final three: Maya, Kiran and Mamata.

The didis played "Pin the Tika on the Woman's Forehead." Sarita didi won. Check out how close.

Sarita brought a radio and some of the girls struck up a dance party, led by the Prime Minister in front...

... and there was UNO.

Part of the gang looking for SH from the hillside.

The director and me. One year in the books.

Rekha, Mina and Laxmi.

Diksha Rajbhandari grabbing a catnap among the coats and sweaters.

The lunch line. A catered lunch! Thirty people served for $100.

Pooja and Pratima enjoying lunch.

Sandeep having an ice cream cone. He would eventually consume three.

On the way home, still having a good time.

After the picnic, resting back at SH. Sushma asked me to take a photo of her serving my mother water.


Jells (Pat Carlozzi) said...

Happy Anniversary Sam's House! What a beautiful celebration; everyone looked like they had a wonderful time.
Carole looks like a movie star with the sunglasses and North Face jacket.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

What an awesome party! Looks like tons of fun, and I loved the UNO scene. It's the game of choice, apparently.

Happy Anniversary!