Sunday, December 23, 2007

And Sandeep Makes 20!

Dinesh and I met Sandeep earlier this year when he was living in a tailor's shop with a woman and her four daughters. The woman had been asked by Sandeep's grandmother to look after him and try to find him a home in Pokhara because his parents had passed away.

When we met Sandeep he was still an infant and would've required a didi's full attention, which was something that we could not afford. As a compromise, Dinesh brought money to the woman to pay for Sandeep's share of food until he became more independent, walking, toilet-trained, etc.

Well, yesterday was the big day, and Sandeep's grandmother came from her village with some neighbors to escort Sandeep to Sam's House.

He already has charmed the staff by saluting Dinesh every time he walks by. And according to Dinesh, Sandeep's has taken a special liking to Tara and follows her around the house. He is still developing his language but he seems to understand when being spoken to. I imagine Rina will enjoy having a playmate for when the other children go to school.

Sandeep and his grandmother.

Sandeep with his grandmother and women from his neighborhood.

Sandeep with Tara.

Sandeep makes twenty children in the house which means full capacity at the inn. It will be difficult to maintain this number, but we haven't extra beds and the social welfare council has told Dinesh we cannot take more than twenty, even if we could afford it.

So this means we might start looking to find a larger domicile or trying to find creative ways to expand.

Thank you for all your support. Because of your generosity we surpassed our initial plan to have fifteen children this year. And because of you, we were able to support twenty without any sacrifice of care and provisions to the children.

Two days before Christmas, this seems a fitting way to mark the holiday--with a home full of smiling, healthy children, safe and secure and having fun, being loved, and having a chance to grow and thrive.

On behalf of Dinesh, the staff and all the Sam's House children, all our love to you.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Holiday Greetings from Sam's House

When 2007 began we hoped we had set reasonable goals. We wanted to find a suitable house with a good school nearby, to hire and train children’s home staff, and to open Sam’s House with 15 children by the year’s end. We had saved up three years of funding.

In March 2007 Sam’s House opened its doors with two young girls—one whose parents had passed away; the other whose mother was unable to care for her any longer. Today we have nineteen children (twelve girls and seven boys) who are flourishing, gaining weight, going to school, and growing with the strength and security that comes from having a loving family around you.

The children live in a beautiful two-story home in a quiet neighborhood, just five minutes from Gorkha English Boarding School where they attend classes. They sleep in clean, comfortable beds, and have two homework sessions a day. They eat healthy meals in the dining room, and play with toys and read books in the evening time.

We hired four women to raise the children. They prepare meals, clean, and attend to the children’s needs with care and affection and love. Each of these women had been unable to find work before coming to Sam’s House. Today they feel a sense connection with society again, caring for young children and providing for their future. And for this we will always take care of them.

In 2007, we met and surpassed all our expectations—because of you.

On behalf of all the children and our staff, thank you for making 2007 a year we will never forget. The future will have its challenges—we plan to grow—but today we give thanks to you a look back at how you have changed 19 lives for the better.