Wednesday, November 14, 2007


A week ago they celebrated the festival of Tihar ("The Festival of Lights") at Sam's House.

The fifth and final day of the festival is called "Bhai Tihar," which involves sisters giving tika to their brothers and brothers giving presents to their sisters--a most appropriate holiday for Sam's House.

They celebrated in healthy fashion, thanks to you--our kind donors.

The goddess Laxmi.

The third day of Tihar is "Laxmi puja." Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, is symbolized by the cow, so you will see cows walking the streets covered in garlands and tikas.

Here the table is set with sweets that will be given out during the "bhai puja" ceremony.

Brothers at the start of the ceremony. The morning of Tihar is an immense amount of work, like preparing a Thanksgiving dinner.

The didis and sisters set up all the arrangements: flowers, plates of sweets, incense, garlands, and colored dye on the floor in symbolic patterns.

Sister making a celebratory walk around their brothers.

Maya giving tika to Babit.

Mina giving tika to Sharan.

Pratima offering a plate of sweet to Suraj and Sharan.

Sarita feeding Suraj some dahi (yogurt).

Rina giving tika to Sharan.

After the puja and the exchange of presents.

Amrit giving tika to Manju.

The sisters wreath garland around their brothers.

Enjoying sweets after the blessings (puja).

After the celebration.


Sheila said...

What a great celebration of sharing and giving thanks!

Melanie H said...

Everything looks so cheery, and the children look so happy. It's so nice to see what you've done for those kids!