Thursday, November 08, 2007

Coats for Kids

As the winter season draws nigh, the temperatures in Pokhara--yes, Pokhara, land of muggy, sweat-just-standing-around summers--get sort of cool too, especially at night.

Two friends of Sam's House recently donated some money for cold weather jackets. Dinesh, freshly returned, though possibly not refreshed, from his US tour and Kathmandu holiday extravaganza, went shopping for winter gear.

Nothing but trouble: Pratima, Rina and Kiran (who appears to be fitting in nicely with her new siblings).

Maya and Mina, developing their adolescent independence through fashion, opted for jazzy cardies.

Babit, Dhiraj and Amrit.

The guys. Check out the flashy jeans.

The girls.

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