Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Marathon Redux

Team Sam's House took to the streets of Akron, Ohio this past weekend to raise money for its namesake. We fielded three marathon runners and a relay team.

The weather and scenery were beautiful, but the streets kind of hilly making for an interesting four hours. Pledges are still coming in but we have already raised more than $2,000 for Sam's House, a month of operating expenses, a month of food, clothes, school and love for 17 children.

Special thanks to the following donors, helpers or just generally great people:

Matthew and Addie Bender
John and Carole Butler
Michael Carey
Mark Cerame
Jennifer Clunk
Ron Copora
Darla Dackiewicz
Lisa Dauderman
Corie Dimagard
Lynne Duchon
Pat & Susan Ertle
Dan Fauver
Jennifer Forshey
Jack Goldsmith
Chuck Hurley
Stephanie Landes
Matthew and Patricia Lansell
Bill and Pat Lundin (as ever)
Sarah Melamed
Dave Prusak
Rick Riley
Bill Roddy
Irwin and Ruth Rothchild
Anna Mae and John Searfoss
John Straneiro
David Tracy
Michael and Darlene Williams

Relay team captain, John Lundin, preparing race bags the night before.

Warming up in the pre-dawn hours.

Entering Canal Park Stadium in Akron. I just wanted to show how the logo looks in (slow) motion.

The whole team, post-race. From left to right: Tom Lundin, Julie Lundin, John Butler, Paddlefoot, Kyle Holler, Justin Stieglitz, Rob Gress and John Lundin.

We're always looking for new runners to join Team Sam's House. Talent optional. But you must own your own shoes.

Smiling on the outside, crying on the inside. After the marathon, sights set on the Twin Cities marathon in 2008.

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