Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Board Meeting

The Sam's House board held its first in-person meeting this weekend in New York City, graciously hosted by Delta and Brad Schonhoft. Our special guest of honor was The Director, Dinesh Rajbhandari, in the flesh, all the way from Pokhara.

The Director brought everyone up to date on the progress at Sam's House, including his plans and budget for the coming year. We reviewed those and discussed our fundraising goals for next year.

Despite the frivolity of these pictures, it was a very productive and fruitful weekend. Topics we had scheduled for an hour's conversation, tracked into two and three hours--but in a good way. We're all very excited for the future of Sam's House.

The night before the meeting, the binders still needed some assembly thanks to yours truly. We got the job done.

In the morning, before the meeting. Jeff, Delta, Brad and Dinesh.

The board at work. Around from the left that's Jen, Delta (hidden), Brad, Katie, Dinesh and Jeff.

After a long day of meeting and discussion, we treated ourselves to a Nepali dinner. In other words, we violated the customs of Nepalese hospitality and asked Dinesh cook for us yet again. Thanks, Dineshji.

After much prodding and pleading with her, Katie performed some flamenco after dinner.

We ended our productive weekend with a windy lunch on the beach. That's teamwork keeping that blanket down.

This man would like you to donate to Sam's House. Won't you please oblige him?


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