Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sam's Birthday

Our organization's namesake, Sam Rothchild, would have celebrated his 99th birthday last Saturday, September 1.

Sam's House commemorated his day with a celebration. In the afternoon they went out for a picnic, then down to Lakeside for ice cream and capped off the day with cake back at the house. They'll probably be wishing for Sam's birthday to come more often. Here are a few photos from the evening celebration.

Dinesh cuts the cake.

Dinesh feeds the first piece to Rina, who is wearing a swanky new floral shirt.

Bishal and Pratima. Bishal, it is well-documented, enjoys a piece of cake.

The whole gang.

In other news, Kamal Sharma, our house tutor, has taken a new job. He was an excellent staff member and so great with the children. We wish him the best of luck and hope he'll come visit us often. Dinesh, meanwhile, has already lined up a new tutor to work with the children before and after school.



Sheila said...

Happy Birthday to Sam, indeed.

no photos posted though

Jen and Chris said...

All fixed. Enjoy.