Monday, September 10, 2007

New Tutor--Laxmi Gurung

In a previous post we mentioned that Kamal Sharma, our house tutor had taken a new job. Kamal had been a great friend to Sam's House, and the students did very well under him as evidenced by their certificates.

Dinesh has found a new tutor, Laxmi Gurung. Ms. Gurung is originally from Syanja, where some of the Sam's House children were born, but now lives in Pokhara with her mother.

Ms. Gurung teaches class 1 in the Paschimanchal English Boarding School and will supplement her work by coming to Sam's House in the mornings and evenings to help the children with their homework. Dinesh says her English is excellent and should be an advantage for the children.

Outside of school, Ms. Gurung is accomplished volleyball player, having traveled internationally with her club team to tournaments throughout South Asia. Perhaps the future of Nepali volleyball is on the Sam's House playground right now!

Dinesh says the children have taken to Ms. Gurung immediately. We are most happy to welcome her to Sam's House.

Laxmi Gurung, our new house tutor.

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