Monday, September 10, 2007

Nepal Board Meeting

The first weekend in October, the Sam's House board will be having its first in-person board meeting in New York City, hosted by Brad and Delta Schonhoft. We're all very excited to meet one another and looking forward to a productive weekend of discussions about Sam's House today and in the future.

Sam's House also has a separate board in Nepal, one convened by Dinesh, that meets to deal with more immediate matters regarding the day-to-day operations.

The Nepal board met a couple weeks ago and I thought it might be interesting to share a little of what they discuss during a typical meeting. The following notes are from Dinesh (with additional information in parentheses from me).

1. As I informed the board that Kamal would be leaving soon and we would need a tutor urgently. So the committee decided to look for a tutor who meets the requirements and employ him/her immediately. The committee also agreed to make Asuna a full time employee from next month (this means Asuna has passed her probationary period).

2. I submitted the operation policy for the approval. I'd sent the draft policy to the members prior to the meeting so that they could read, but they didn't have time to read the whole, so they wanted to have more time for that. The next meeting has been scheduled for 17 Sept. In that meeting, they will look into the policy. I will also send it to you to forward it to the US board members so that we can discuss about it in our October meeting. I am hoping to finish translation in two weeks time.

3. The board also discussed about the admission of new children. The board was convinced that we could take only 3 more children (in the coming year). Most of our children are from Kaski district so the board stressed that the new coming children will have to be from other districts and preferably from marginalized ethnic groups.

4. As we have to renew our registration with the district administration office by mid October, the committee decided to give responsibility for renewal of registration to Shova, Dinesh and Rekha.

As it is here, Sam's House relies on kind volunteers to help accomplish its goals. The Nepali board are generous and committed individuals who work very hard to see that we provide help in the best, most efficient manner possible.


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