Monday, September 17, 2007

House Awards

To inspire the children to things, we came up with a monthly awards idea. The awards are mostly for school but also for behavior and cleanliness. Concomitant with Kamal's farewell party, Dinesh handed out the prizes.

Nursery: Santosh
Lower Kindergarten: Sarita
Upper Kindergarten: Mina
Class 1: Maya
Best handwriting: Sharan
Good manners and behavior: Amrit (second time, I believe)

"Baba" giving a speech before the awards presentation.

Mina wins the academic prize for UKG (you-kay-zhee).

Maya receives the academic award for class 1. Bishal, the future prime minister, helps with the distribution.

Dhiraj hands out the "Best Manners and Behavior" award to Amrit.

Live and learn... Dinesh reports that the award ceremony, though well-intended, seems to create some sadness along with the inspiration. Though all of the children are given sweets as prizes, the bestowal of awards to some and not others has caused some drama in the aftermath. So, Dinesh is re-thinking the idea. Perhaps they're a little too young for the awards at this point. These are things you can't plan for in a children's home.


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