Wednesday, August 29, 2007

High Marks

The Sam's House gang recently finished up another school quarter. Even in the nursery grade, they finish the term with a set of exams. So a few weeks ago, the children were hitting the books extra time in preparation for their tests.

The results are in and all of the children scored very well. This is really amazing considering that a few weren't attending school regularly prior to coming to Sam's House. At the mid-term, Maya and Manju scored with distinction. Now at the term's end, several Sam's House children scored top marks.

Dinesh, the proud baba (father), scanned all the certificates and they are posted below.

Sarita achieved highest rank in Lower Kindergarten (with 99.58%, edging out Binita by .08%).

Two months ago Pratima was showing little interest in school. But this term she scored the third highest marks in her grade.

Mina was a late starter, not going to school regularly until she came to Sam's House. She's starting school in Upper Kindergarten and scored third highest in her class.

Santosh bringing home the second highest marks in Nursery.

Binita earned the second highest marks (99.5%) in Lower Kindergarten or LKG.

Dinesh sent us a spreadsheet of all the children's marks and they're all doing very well. Moreover, he adds, they like school and they're very diligent about their studies and homework.

And a quick moment of recognition for Dinesh's son, Ritesh, who scored first in class one.


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Sheila said...

Way to go everyone!! It's also good to hear that everyone is enjoying school these days--that's got to make life a little easier for all in the House. :)