Saturday, July 14, 2007

Driving, Dining and Diving

After last year's greuling (but successful) fundraiser, our friend Laura O'Reilly joked that for the next fundraiser we should threaten to hold another rummage sale unless everyone donated a certain amount. A brilliant idea. Fortunately, no one's threatening a rummage sale and the Cleveland committee has come up with a much more appealing alternative...

"Driving, Dining and Diving" will start with a four-person scramble golf outing at Avondale golf club (in Avon, OH)--foursomes still needed. Click on the bottom picture below to see the details.

After golf the festivities moves to the Bay Way Cabin for a family picnic and children's games. After the eating (and, of course, a half-hour to let the food digest), we'll move across the parking lot to the Bay Pool for a private party.

All proceeds go to Sam's House--A Nepalese Orphanage. Jennifer and I want to extend special thanks to this year's organizing committee: Susan Lowe, Jim and Cathy McPhillips, Sean and Laura O'Reilly, Jennifer Atkinson, Jen and Katie Forshey and John Butler.

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