Sunday, July 01, 2007

Amrit's Birthday

Catching up on photos and stories here...

Amrit had his seventh birthday shortly before we left. With seventeen birthdays to celebrate in twelve months, this event becomes a regular, if no less appreciated each time, event.

Jen lights the candles.

Pushpa and Binita. (Quick story: just before we left for Nepal in May, Dinesh sent me some photos of the children playing. In one of the pictures, I didn't recognize one of the girls and I didn't have a message from Dinesh telling me who she was. So I wrote back and asked about that picture. He said it was Binita. She had gained so much weight and color that she looked completely different.)

Mamata, Pratima and Manju.

Cutting the cake.

Sarita feeds Amrit the first piece.

Asuna gives tika to Amrit.

Amrit after the gifts.

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