Thursday, June 14, 2007

Some Photos and a Few Awards

The house sisters love to look at photos but they rarely have time or the courage to ask. Usually the request comes from Sarita behind whom Sushma and Tara can be found tittering nervously. Of course I don't ever mind.

Today we were a staff person extra so the women had a few spare moments for picture taking. As you can see, they had a hard time keeping a straight face, especially Sushma.

It was fun to do this. They were laughing long after we stopped and viewed the pics on the computer. I can't stress enough how hard they work.

Sushma and Tara in back; Sarita and Asuna in front.

Maya shows off some balance.

Sarita with her doll. I love that face!

Maya works on her Nepali homework.

Sarita offers Dhiraj some consoling advice for life on the playground.

Dhiraj and Suroj.

Kamal, the house tutor, with Mamata and Saran.

Sushma and Tara lead the walk to the bus stop.

Girls huddling under an umbrella for the walk to the bus stopy wearing their Friday whites. At GEBS, there is a separate uniform just for Fridays. Dinesh doesn't know why either. We're thinking it's a British end-of-the-school-week thing.

Maoist rally and speech in Mahendrapul yesterday afternoon. All the red baseball hats are supporters. They read "YCL" for Young Communist League.

Jen, Priti and Joe lead the group in a game of Telephone Line.

Saran and Manju playing quietly.

With my stylists, Maya and Mina.

The "Eddie Schor" award goes to Sarita for her fine looking hockey choppers.

The "Most Reminds Me of a Relative" award goes to Sabita, who looks like my little cousin Suzanne Atkinson.

The "Would Make a Grandmother Proud" award goes to Mina who gained four kilograms (nine pounds) last month. Mina, with the doll, poses here with Dinesh's mother, Maya, Ritesh, and Pratima (head turned).

The "Paris Hilton" award goes to Bishal for his frequent and quick trips in and out of confinement (time out room). His engaging smile and charm keeps him in the sisters' good graces.

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Sheila said...

Hey, sorry about the Cavs--but they are upholding a long-standing Cleveland tradition. Bummer