Friday, June 08, 2007

Short Hiatus

There has been a strike called for three of the next four days which means we won't be able to post much and not any photos unfortunately.

The house mothers are gearing up for having the children home all day long. It rained all night so they had to stay inside this morning, out of the muddy yard. It was a long morning. They called naptime at 1pm.


Curious thing yesterday... Mamata's relatives--aunt on mother's side, her husband and great aunt--came to visit in the afternoon. This is more than we like to admit for a visit for the child's sake, but Dinesh had taken the day off (his mother's in town) and the house sisters didn't know what to do.

They came during snack time after school. The sat around Mamata and she barely acknowledged them. It was really sad. Her aunt started getting tears in her eyes and the great aunt left the room. So we gave them a tour of the place, showed them where Mamata sleeps and they left.

Dinesh said this happened once before when just a single relative came. Many of our children don't ever talk about their homes, even when asked. Dinesh says he thinks that's because the memories are so poor.

However, Mamata, seemingly unaffected at the time, skipped dinner last night and went to be early.

We have a fairly strict visitation policy but Dinesh is currently revisiting it. In talking to some other director's they think that going out to see relatives might not be so bad for the child as they originally thought, but in the future we'll make policy for children to go home during special holidays (a day at a time only) and family reunions.

And related to this... we are trying to find someone to talk to the children, a child psychologist, but none is available in Pokhara, just Kathmandu. Dinesh is working on this as well.


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Ruth and Irwin said...

Good Luck during the strike days! Hope that Jen reaches Pokara before they start. She can take her turn at entertaining! Love the doll/dog story- "wish I would have thought of that"! Thanks for the anniversary greetings. Thinking of everyone...