Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Picnic

Yesterday, you gave the children a picnic!

We went to a temple, the name of which presently escapes me. It was warm but Dinesh and Rekha chose a place with lots of shade. We took a tour of the temple, then returned to our picnic area for some games and a little relaxation. Then we had picnic lunch, another game and made our way home for a pleasant afternoon.

We didn't tell the children until the morning of because the anticipation would have made the house unruly, as it was for the hour leading up to our departure. The children put on their "good clothes" and waited on the front porch, barely able to contain themselves. It was a fantastic afternoon.

We didn't announce the picnic until the morning of. When Rekha arrived, the children were overjoyed to go.

Loading the taxi van.

We had a long trek to the temple, more than 300 stairs. The children trooped them all.

Mina helps carry a sitting mat.

Rina doing puja at the temple.

It was in the low 90s but there was plenty of shade around the temple.

Amrit and Bishal budding around.

Rina with a healthy "glow" in the afternoon heat. Can't slow her down.


Rekha and Kamal explain the rules of the first game. We started with 17 pages of paper that had been wrapped around itself and taped shut. Each page contained a task to be performed. Kamal tapped the pot lid with his eyes closed and the children passed the bundle around. When he stopped tapping, the child holding the papers had to perfom the task on the outside. For successful (and partly successful) completion, everyone got a bracelet and a sweet. The children loved it.

Pushpa unwraps her task.

Maya and Ritesh show off their hard-earned bracelets.

Suroj had to perform a short dance which he did with admirable abandon.

Sarita had to sing a song, as her paper requests.

For the final sweet, Babit had to correctly answer a series of questions.

Rekha and the didis organize lunch while Diksha supervises.

Bishal, Babit and Amrit enjoy their lunch.

Unloading the taxi van after a long and fun afternoon.

After a long day, Dinesh, Rekha, Sabita and Maya return to the house. Long naps ahead.

Thank you, Sam's House supporter, this was a day everyone will fondly remember.



Sheila said...

what an awesome day of playing!

Btw, we're moving next weekend. found a place up the street. Hoping the move will be painless.

Kassy said...

Thanks for showing me the blog, I will check often now!

Btw, it looks like the picnic was a success! What a fun day for the children and adults.

Jells said...

Looks like everyone had a great. I love that Dinesh has the ND hat and UMM t-shirt. I think we need to send him a Cavaliers hat.