Monday, June 18, 2007

Photo Day

Over the weekend we had a photo day where the children put on their best clothes and patiently posed for a series of pictures.

Binita, Sushma, Sarita, Pushpa and Mamata on our way to the ice cream store.

Manju, Pratima and Sarita at the ice cream store.

Everyone getting tired after ice cream. It had been a long day.

The didis got dressed up too.

Rina recently up from a nap with her birthday hair clip and Spiderman sandals.

Sabita too shy for photos.


The littlest ones (minus Rina during nap time): Santosh, Pratima, Saran, Suroj, Bishal and Sabita.

Pushpa. The girls received new barettes (sp?) for photo day.


The girls in the middle: Manju, Pushpa, Binita, Mamata, and Sarita



The Big'uns: Amrit, Mina, Maya, Babit and Dhiraj.

Over the weekend, we cleaned up the yard. Dhiraj volunteered to collect the weeds.

Binita and Santosh

Do you have any idea how exhausting it is to entertain everyone all the time every day? Rina does.

Maya teaching me a hand pat game.

I could watch this all day--Saran doing limbo. Jen taught the children this game. Saran could easily walk under this rope but doesn't seem to know that yet.

Asuna and Amrit

Mina doing a dance while Dhiraj, Jen, Babit, Priti and Sushma look on.

Jen Aunty visits after long day of research, greeted by Binita and Pushpa.

Maya circles the group; this game is the Nepali version of Duck Duck Goose.

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