Monday, June 25, 2007

Have Left

Very sadly we left Pokhara this afternoon while the children were at school. It's going to be hard to be away and we're trying to figure out how soon we can come back. Next summer is too far away.

Here's a few more fun pics from the last days.

Rina and Diksha budding around.

Ketaharu. "The boys" before school.

With Babit and Dhiraj


Dinesh helping Amrit with his tie this morning before school.

Sarita lining up some crayons.

Pushpa looking tall.

Ketiharu. "The girls."

Sarita distributes lychees to children. They have hard, spiny shells that have to be peeled off. They're delicious but the initial taste can be a little sour as Maya's picture below illustrates.

An overhead view of the yard during playtime.

In sociology, there is a concept called "cultural universal," which is, as you can tell from the apt name, something shared by all humans regardless of culture.

There are very few actual cultural universals but I think we can add children's dislike of haircuts as Rina demonstrates here.

Rina after the cut and a shower, still appearing dissatisfied with the results.

Jen gets a check-up from Doctors Binita and Maya.

Santosh and Bishal

Babit and Sabita

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Sheila said...

I'm sure it was difficult to go. The children all seem to have gotten to know you both in a short period of time, which is wonderful. Do you guys use Yahoo chat for free calls to Nepal? That might help break up the distance between visits a little.

Safe travels back to the States!