Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Few More...

Tomorrow we leave, bholi janne, but we are looking forward to seeing/speaking to all of you.

The house doctors: Dr. Tejesh Malla and his wife, Dr. Kalpana Malla. Both pediatricians.

A message from the gang to all of you.

Mamata builds a tower.

The future president of Nepal, the honorable Bishal. He'll wear the lavendar chappals to the inauguration.

The irrepressible Saran.

Jen was asked to give a lecture to Gender Studies faculty and students at the Pandy Karyan campus of Tribhuvan University. After the lecture with faculty.

Jen and Mala Rai, her research assistant in Jiri.

Does this dress make my forehead look big?

(All future correspondence should be mailed to the Stevens County Home for Divorced Men, c/o Pete and Timna Wyckoff, Morris, MN)

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