Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dolls and Dogs

Just before leaving we had a really sweet present of some dolls from a woman who is a friend of my sister's mother-in-law. This woman, Carol McKelly, works with challenged youth and in her work dolls help children learn to trust and care after disruptive psychological experiences.

So Carol and her children sent over some dolls for the Sam's House gang. And they included a $27 donation collected among the children.

The dolls were a huge smash. Most of our children have never had ANYTHING to call their own, so the idea of a doll for a single person was too much. They carry their dolls everywhere, and use their towels to bundle them as in a blanket. They hold them up on their knees so the dolls can watch television, and set them to bed every night beside their pillows.

We used the $27 to buy stuffed animal dogs for the guys, who took to them with the same abandon, treating them the same way, wrapping them in towels, talking to them in bed at night, holding them beside their pillow. It was really sweet to see.

Amrit, Babit and Dhiraj

Pratima and Maya