Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Birthday Girl

Our littlest one, Rina, turned four years old this past Thursday. Dinesh and the didis organized a small party on her behalf. The last birthday was Mamata's, and as we said then, for these children, most have never celebrated a birthday before, so it's nice to see their excitement for the event. Rina received several hair clips, some stickers and a pair of sandals.

The birthday girl in her party dress. Turning the big 4 (all the fingers) today but we're really not sure since the documents her family provided were kind of sketchy.

The birthday tray: sweets, new sandals, garland, and tika (red dye and rice).

Sushma feeding Rina the first piece of cake.

Rina hands out sweets to each of the children.

Dinesh gives Rina some stickers and adds to her tika.

Sarita cuts the cake.

The birthday girl after all the gifts.

Everyone enjoying a plate of puffed rice, dalmot, vegetables and cake.

It's tough to make that tika stick when you're sweating, running around all the time.

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Sheila said...

What a cutie! I'd have a hard time keeping tika on my forehead too. I'm always accidentally wiping away ashes on Ash Wed.

With that many children in the house, I would think that there would be Birthday celebrations almost every month. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!