Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Visitors to Sam's House

I met Ketrin and Heather at the Pokhara airport, overhearing their American accents, and struck up a conversation. I asked them if they wanted to visit an orphanage, gave them my Pokhara phone number and honestly didn't expect to hear back because they were going on a trek and travel plans in Nepal frequently tend to get re-arranged, re-scheduled, etc.

Lo and behold, five days later Heather called and said they were ready to visit. I picked them up at their hotel and they spent the afternoon at Sam's House. It was a great time. The children had a ball.

The best kind of guests--those bearing gifts. Heather and Ketrin brought snacks and pencils for all the children. Indreni coached them through the receiving process. "My name is Binita Bhandari. Thank you, ma'am."

Sarita teaches Heather a hand-pat game.

The whole gang. It rained so we didn't get to play in the yard but the children entertained us with dancing, story telling and jokes. Heather and Ketrin taught the children how to do the hokey-pokey.

Ketrin making fast friends with Mina, Pushpa, Pratima and Binita.

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