Monday, May 14, 2007

Training with SOS

Since Sam's House opened in March, the number of children has grown from two to sixteen. The house mothers, who enjoyed a relatively easy pace three months ago, have been much busier as of late. Dinesh noticed the didis appeared a little overwhelmed at times, but understood that it's nearly impossible to find someone who could be perfectly trained and qualified for working in a children's home.

So Dinesh visited S.O.S. Village, a well-known international organization that supports children's homes around the world. They have a highly respected training program for their house mothers. Dinesh asked a couple of the house mothers to visit Sam's House to talk with our didis and give them some ideas for managing the frenetic pace. He reports that it was well-received and an enjoyable exchange.

From L to R: Tara, Indreni, SOS mother, SOS mother, Rekha, and Sushma.

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