Monday, May 28, 2007

School Times

School resumed today for the first time in a week and a half. It was quite exciting to watch the routine. I arrived just after breakfast, having spent the night at the Rajbhandaris. The children were upstairs in the study room doing lessons prepared by Kamal, the house tutor. Once those were completed, it was time to dress which was like watching people flee a burning building, but at the end, everyone was perfectly dressed and ready for school. We arrived at the bus stop 10 minutes early.

I wanted to go along on the bus ride this morning. As the only volunteer, however, my presence tends to be more disruptive than helpful. For that reason, I drew names from a hat deciding who I would hold hands with on the walk to the bus stop and sit with on the bus. Saran and Suroj were today's winners. And, Dinesh carefully explained, they will not be eligible for future drawings (and will have to pay taxes on all winnings, etc, etc.) So, please, people reading this, come visit. It's too much pressure for one person. Sam's House wants you.

The bus was packed and the teachers are already on board to monitor behavior. The school is beautiful, just like the pictures. The classrooms are clean and lively and the children seem to love it there.

Most of our children are in either lower or upper kindergarten. I'm unsure what separates the two. A few are in nursery school and three others in class 1.

In the morning tumult, Sushma remains collected.

Dinesh helps Sarita with her shoes. Mary Janes, freshly polished.

The morning hair queue.

Indreni conducts the hankie check.

Pratima's school ID badge. Every child wears one.

The official school pin for Gorkha English Boarding School.

Kamal, the house tutor, walks to the bus stop with the children. He arrives before school to monitor the study time and then comes again after school to guide them through homework.

Sushma returned from the store and passed the bus stop on the way back to the house.

Sarita on the bus. Looking studious.

The entrance to the school.

Activity in the hallways. The director of the school gave me a tour. They have an excellent computer room and they're are setting up a wireless network so that the children can get on-line from home. I'm not quite clear how this works but it's related to a large antenna on the roof.

Morning assembly. There's roll call and then a series of sing-along songs, followed by some light calisthenics, though shortened today because of the heat.

Rina is the only one home during the day, living the life of Riley. The whole place to herself and all the toys. Absolutely lives to be chased. Taps your hamstring and bolts away shrieking.


Ruth and Irwin said...

It is great to hear all about the kids. We know everyone is delighted that school is once again in session! Jen has to be so anxious to get there also. Thinking of you each day!

Jells said...

Wow, I'm amazed at how organized everything is there. Great pictures and descriptions Chris; it almost feels like you are there.