Saturday, May 26, 2007

House Looks Great

I arrived on Friday morning; Dinesh picked me up in the Maruti Gypsy, a sweet ride.

We went back to his house because the children were taking their afternoon nap. After lunch we walked over to the house. They were still waking up so I got to walk around the bedrooms and introduce myself. It was so great to finally put people with the pictures.

We had snacks of puffed rice and french fries. Then we went upstairs to play until the sun went down a little and it cooled off a bit. Then we went outside to play in the yard. Got to teach the children Red Light/Green Light (after considerable effort in getting the rules across in Nepali to five year olds), but called it "Hariyo (green)-Raato (red)" instead. Took turns carrying the children on my shoulders and ended the evening with a vigorous game of hot potato. I was in a full sweat by the time the rain came just before dinner.

The children are beautiful and happy and affectionate and so full of energy. It's sweet to see how they've bonded already, which is not to say there aren't some occasional disagreements over who was playing with what first. But enough of the talk, here are some pictures.

Most of the whole gang, minus Sarah, Santosh and Rina. We'll get a better group picture later.

Puffed rice, french fries and tea for 16.

Bishal enjoying his meal.

Snacks in the afternoon, before play time in the yard.

Tara combs Binita's hair before breakfast.

Watching Tara, Mina takes care of Pratima.

Though schools have been on strike for a week, after breakfast, the children do a little study with the help of lessons prepared by the in-house tutor, Kamal, who comes during the week. Here Sarita and Mamata look over their notebooks.

Saran, Amrit and Babit grab their towels for Saturday cleaning.

Binita waits her turn.

Maya helped the didis with the showers for the younger ones and got a faceful of suds.

Pushpa cleaning her fingernails after a shower.

Amrit freshly showered and cutting an imposing figure. Given his life experience (see February 2007) he couldn't be a sweeter child.

Saturday is also clothes washing day--the hard way. Sushma and Tara did a couple bucket's worth in less than two hours.

Sarita (reclined), Mina, Sabita, Binita and Pushpa enjoying a video.

Maya and Bishal relaxing on the floor, watching a video.

The schools have been on strike for a full week now and it does not appear the situation will be rectified soon. The school week starts tomorrow and Dinesh has not heard anything from GEBS.

It's also been very hot, making the children restless no matter what the source of entertainment. That's made for challenging times but the house staff is doing great. They seem really happy and the children adore them.

I hope you liked the photos. They are because of you. These children are so happy, starting to live normal lives without fear of hunger or mistreatment, going to school, plenty of friends, plenty of play, plenty of hugs and love. You made a huge difference in the lives of these children.



Sheila said...

Everyone looks great!

Sheila said...

I also love the idea of snacking on puffed rice and french fries.

Jells said...

Great pics. Amazing smiles.