Sunday, May 20, 2007

Getting Started

Not much to report though today we are getting started on some projects, namely Jen's research. Right now she's visiting a women and development center with Mala Rai, her research assistant from seven years ago. We saw Mala yesterday for the first time in seven years. She lived with us in Jiri way back when. Now she's raising a daughter but continuing to go to school for her master's degree. She invited Jen to speak to her classmates.

Jen hired her new research assistant two days ago. Her name is Priti Shresta and she came to us recommended by Jagat Basnet, who was Katie Hydé's homestay family during her Miami visit. Priti is currently studying for her master's degree in social work and wants to get her doctorate in global development, preferably somewhere in the States. Priti is 26 and she joked during her interview that if she didn't stay in school her parents "would get her married." Shé's really sharp and enthusiastic. I think Jen is really pleased and hopeful they'll collect a lot of useful data over the next five weeks.

I'm going to Pokhara on Friday. The schools in Nepal are on strike (long story and confusing so I won't attempt to explain it because I don't understand it either) so all the Sam's House children have been home for the past three days, making the house excessively lively. Dinesh has been struggling to find ways to keep them engaged and not going crazy, like field trips and movies and so forth. Dinesh hasn't had a true day off in the last three months. We need to find him some relief.

Speaking of relief, Dinesh took five of the children to the dentist the other day to have teeth extracted. I'm not sure which children but I imagine they're feeling a whole lot better now.

So that's all for now. Plenty of photos and stories to come.



Sheila said...

Cool, glad that Jen found a great assistant. Hold on Priti, you don't have to marry yet!

Poor Dinesh. He will be so glad to see you. Are you ready to organize some games?

Have you considered teaching them euchre? As you remember, it's totally addictive and is a group activity. I think there is some potential there for a little euchre con carne

Jen and Chris said...

Euchre! Hadn't thought of it. Course it won't be much fun for them when I keep going alone for two-fers.


Mike Cihak said...

Glad you and Jen made it safely!! MikeC.