Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yard Sale, the Second!

We hosted our second Morris yard sale yesterday afternoon. After sweating the prospect of snow and cold keeping people away, we woke up to sunshine and warm temperatures and plenty of visitors, most of whom shopped and others who simply came by to say hello and enjoy some free coffee.

We raised $2,245 for Sam's House, in other words, an entire month of operating costs for the orphanage--food, meals, clothing, tuition, play time and salaries all covered for one month after just a couple days of work. Not a bad exchange.

As usual, we were fortunate to have many people contributing to the sale's success--from the donors of goods and pastries to the people who loaned a table or spread the word. We'd especially like to thank...
Katie Clark
Adele and Jim Cotter
Jennifer and Brad Deane
Pieranna Garavaso and Lory Lemke
Jen and Troy Goodnough
Sandy and Paul Grove
Leila Horman and the RFC
Julene Hansen
Skip Hesse
Jo and Mark Johnson
Rebecca and Jamey Jones
Brittany Kill and Family
Chrissy Kolaya and Brook Miller
Pareena and Todd Lawrence
Jennie Lazere
Peter Lund and Jeanne Sammelson
Argie Manolis
Carol and Roger McCannon
Leslie Meek
Anne and Steve Noonan
Larry and Carol Perkins
Ruth and Irwin Rothchild
Marynel Ryan
Owen and Jan Sammelson
Jen and Tamler Sommers
Dennis and Cheryl Stewart
Emily Stout
Kristen Strissel
Marie-Therese Sulit
Bonnie Tipcke
Timna and Peter Wyckoff

On behalf of the 13 children and four staff currently working/living at Sam's House, thank you for your generosity and support! Photos below.