Tuesday, April 24, 2007

They rented a tent for the meal, I presume, because the temperatures in Pokhara hover in the 90s these days.

Those are your guys across the front. From left: Suresh, Saran, Pratima, Santosh, Bishal and Rina. The meal appears to be roti (flat bread) and some curried simi (beans).

The directors having lunch together. I don't know how many homes participated nor how many are represented by this group. The gentleman in the black shirt is Visma, the director of Namaste House and sitting to his left is Suresh, the person in charge of field visits and admission at NH. Suresh came with us on a couple field visits to meet some children on their waiting list.

They had a footrace for the boys. That appears to be Amrit in the red shirt and jeans halfway back.

Mina and Maya dancing.

House mother Indreni blindfolded and trying to break the clay pot on the ground. The Nepali version of pinata.

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Sheila said...

Looks like Field Day in elementary school--awesome!