Tuesday, April 24, 2007

School Begins!

The children started at Gorhka English Boarding School last week. School years in Nepal start in April so the last few weeks have been devoted to getting uniforms and supplies. Dinesh said some of the children were very excited while others were a little nervous.

Loading onto the bus near the home.

First day of school. Many parents ride along on the bus.

Sarita, Maya and Pratima on the bus.

Walking in the front entrance of the school.

Santosh and Manju meet their teacher.

Dinesh called this picture "Looking nervous in the classroom," a fitting description. From left that's Santosh, Mamata, Pratima (looking especially enthused; how funny), Bishal and Saran.

Sarita, Pushpa and Amrit at their desk.

Every school day starts with assembly. Here they do roll call and a series of calisthenics before going into the classrooms. It is really cute to watch.

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