Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mina, Saran and Rina

You may recall from an earlier post that Dinesh told us about three siblings who had been dropped off at the house looking hungry and tired. Their mother "left to look for work." Here they are when the arrived at Sam's House...

That's Mina (9), Rina (3), and Saran (6).

Here's how they looked a few days later, all cleaned up, a few good meals and some new clothes...

So as you can tell from these photos and from those earlier today, Sam's House is filling up rather quickly. We'll stop at 15 for the year. Not because we want to but because that's what we've budgeted for the year until we can shore up some more funding. In the meantime, I hope you congratulate yourself for the accomplishment--your support is no small feat. And I know these children are certainly thankful to have your help.

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