Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yard sale-ing expert Jo Johnson and Jen man the cashier's table.

Scheduled to start at 9am, shoppers arrive at 7:15. We were ready.

For the second year running, my mother-in-law, Ruth Rothchild, wins the "Most Breaks per Hour" award. Hi, Ruth! (She's Jennifer's mother, in case there was any confusion about the appearance.)

The most popular item of the day.

Jo Johnson unofficially starts the newest culinary craze by eating Cheez-its and coffee for breakfast.

Sequoia and Acacia Wyckoff attending their second sale in a row and coming away with some Connectors.

Newfoundland puppies were a new addition to the yard sale catalog. Eight pups still available. Call Skip Hesse.

Jamey Jones, Brook Miller, Parker Miller, Rebecca Jones and Jen pose for the camera while Chrissy Kolaya waves to no one in particular.

Parker Miller samples a pumpkin muffin.

Sales slow down in the late afternoon. Good time for a chat.

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