Monday, April 30, 2007

Babit and Sabita

Babit and Sabita are seven and six years old respectively. Their father died five years ago. They were living with their mother in a multi-generational home with 18 people, all of whom were their father's relatives. Because the father had died, Dinesh says they were not treated well by their in-laws. Here are a few pics of their home...

Dinesh visited their village, north of Pokhara. He says both children are very intelligent though they haven't much formal schooling. They now attend GEBS with their friends.

Babit and Sabita brings the Sam's House gang up to 16 children where we'll stay for the rest of the year. Dinesh says the house mothers are very busy now and he's looking for weekend replacements so they can have some time off.

Jen and I are going to Nepal in couple weeks and we'll be sure to bring back plenty of photos and stories. Thank you, everyone, for all your help.

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