Monday, March 26, 2007

Pratima's Shoes

This morning I was playing catch-up, writing receipts for the donations we received while I was in Nepal. And I remembered that I had wanted to post this picture.

These are the shoes Pratima wore to Sam's House, the day she arrived. What had been her everyday shoes. As you can see they're decrepit and about four sizes too large, but this is what she had, probably hand-me-downs from a neighbor, like most of her possessions.

But today she is wearing new shoes, shoes that fit, shoes that won't blister her feet, shoes that will keep her feet warm, shoes that she can run around in comfortably. So thank you, Sam's House supporter, for Pratima's new shoes; she says "thank you" too.


Sheila said...

Where are the shoes? Are they kind of like the emperor's new shoes?

Jen and Chris said...

Blame the photographer: I didn't take a pic of the new shoes.