Friday, March 30, 2007

Gorkha English Boarding School

Below are a few pictures of the school that Sam's House children will attend. A quick note on the name of the school. While it's a called a "boarding" school that doesn't always translate literally into the school's operations. I think some of these institutions keep the "boarding" because they once did take boarders or because it sounds a bit more dignified. In either case, Sam's House children will be staying at home with us and not boarding away.

This school has an excellent reputation in Pokhara. We're very fortunate to have our children attending. More to the point, we are very fortunate to have your support so that these children CAN attend Gorkha English Boarding School. Thank you.

This is the computer lab that Dinesh liked so much. It looks great. I presume that's an overhead projector hanging from the ceiling for lectures, demonstrations, etc.

A typical classroom. The instruction is primarily in English, which will help them immensely as they get older.

A view of the front yard.

This is the front walk. That's Rekha, the chair of the Nepali board.

The children are on holiday right now. They'll start classes when school resumes in April.


Meanwhile, Sam's House has taken in few more children, among them three siblings from a low caste family (2 girls, 1 boy). The father passed away last year and the mother lost fingers on one hand in a farming accident and cannot work. Here are more details from Dinesh:

"When they arrived in Pokhara, someone told them about Sam's House. So they (the mother and her 3 kids) came to us on Tuesday and submitted their application with some supporting documents. I told them that the admission committee will have to meet to go through their applications so I asked them to come back on Thursday at 10 am.

I then called the committee members and informed them about the case and they all agreed to take them in. This morning (Thursday) they came at 7 am and the mother just dropped her 3 children at the orphanage and she disappeared without meeting any of our staff. When I arrived at the orphanage at 9 o'clock, the kids were in the kitchen and waiting for the food. They looked hungry and very miserable. We don't know where the mother went. The oldest daughter said to us that she had gone to look for a job, but she doesn't know where. We now have accepted them as our family members in Sam's House."


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