Monday, March 12, 2007

A Day in the Life

I received an e-mail from Dinesh yesterday detailing his weekend journey to Dhital, a village north of Pokhara. He went to meet some children who had been referred to us by Kopila Nepal, a non-governmental organization that provides scholarships and other support to needy children.

The pictures tell the story...

Dinesh and crew rented a Toyota taxi for the trip. Without too much uninteresting detail, Toyota taxis are the black market of the Pokhara taxi scene. They don't have meters and you can negotiate for all kinds of trips, even if the driver has no idea whether he can make it or not. Toyotas are also the oldest model taxis in Nepal, adding a thrilling sense of risk to the ride.

That said, it's hard to imagine many cars being able to negotiate this trail. As Dinesh wrote, "There wasn't really a road, but just a mud track up on the mountain. The road was really scary." That's Bharat (a trustee) on the left. On the right, in the green cap, is the driver and behind him the Kopila Nepal representative.

Having left the taxi, presumably where the road ended, the crew fjorded this river and one other on the way to the village. Dinesh said they walked two hours downhill and another two hours along this river to reach Dhital...

This is typical of a village home, where Dinesh met with the local neighbors to learn more about the children needing homes. Dinesh visited four girls and one boy, ate some dal bhaat, and made the return trip, arriving back in Pokhara around 8pm. The neighbors will bring these children to Sam's House sometime during the next couple weeks.

And this is just one part of Dinesh's job--making field visits. We hope to extend ourselves to the western part of Nepal, which is the poorest region of the country and most in need of social services and support.

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