Monday, March 12, 2007

Banita and Sarita

Two more children came to live at Sam's House this week. They are both from Palpa, a village southeast of Pokhara, referred to us by one of our trustees.

Banita Bhandari. Her father went to India to work at a chemical factory in India. He returned to Palpa with an illness that turned out to be tuberculosis. They sold the family house to pay for his treatment. It was later learned that he also had contracted HIV, which he had passed on to Banita's mother. The father died two years ago and Banita's mother became depressed and stopped looking after Banita. Banita has been tested for HIV and tested negative.

Sarita Nepali. Her father passed away in 2002. Her mother is unable to work. For a time, the family subsisted on earnings from Sarita's older sister and brother. Their house collapsed last year, and since then, they have been supported by donations from neighbors.

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