Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Lots to update you on but I will wait for tomorrow when I have more time. I was a little ill on my final day in KTM.

I'm in Pokhara with the Rajbhandaris, where they are, as usual, making me comfortable and welcome. As dinner was prepared, I sat at the kitchen table while Rekha prepared everything including conversation, and I felt a strong impression of being in my other home.

Speaking of homes, the Rajbhandaris are renting a new home. It's one floor, and unlike their last place, it is theirs alone with vegetable and flower garden. It's a really beautiful place. I'm happy for them as they'd been looking to have their own place for quite awhile.

Diksha is walking and talking a lot. A beautiful little girl. Ritesh is friendly and intelligent (the top student in his class; I'm teaching him Uno tomorrow) and a good big brother.

I'm going to bed. Life is good.

Love, CB

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