Tuesday, January 16, 2007

in NYC

I'm securely nestled in the apartment of Brad and Delta Schonhoft on the upper east side of NYC. Brad was off before I woke this morning and I just finished breakfast with Delta, who is now changing for work. They've got me lined up with a metrocard and subway map for today. I'm all set.

I arrived last night after some delays in MSP due to weather, but overall the flight was pleasant and uneventful and I spent time in the terminal calling people on the phone.

I don't typically believe in harbingers or omens, but something happened last night... I had collected my luggage at the baggage claim and was rolling toward the taxi stand at JFK. Before I got to the stand a guy approached and asked if I was wanting a cab. Of course, not knowing any better and unable to not respond when spoken to, I said "yes." Behind me, a female voice said, "no, you don't." I looked over my shoulder and saw a young woman pulling her bags. She looked college-aged and returning to school after winter break.

So I ignored the man and walked outside the terminal toward the taxi stand again. I thanked the young woman, saying, "I must have a sign on my back." She replied, "no, actually, it's on your front." I was wearing my Minnesota sweatshirt. Pretty funny. Anyhow, this woman was from Minneapolis and, as I suspected, coming back to school at Barnard College. She probably saved me a little money and a lot of hassle. A very nice way to start the trip.

Last week, the Nepalese government gave its approval to Sam's House, so we are now legal and legit in two countries. Best of all it means there are no more bureaucratic hurdles in our way (at least for the time being). Dinesh has placed "paper adverts," as he calls them, for house mothers and didis to work at the orphanage. He says we'll conduct interviews when I get to Pokhara in a week. Pretty exciting.

That's all for now except to say that I miss my traveling partner.


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Sheila said...

Sounds like you're in good shape to start the trip. Can't we all use help from kind strangers!

Travel safe and well.