Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Slogging through Bureaucracy...

We've written in this space before about the (sometimes) archaic and (always) frustrating procedures for registering anything in Nepal--visas, permits, etc. As Jennifer would say, "a complete Weberian nightmare!"

Actually, she wouldn't say that but she should.

Truth be told, Nepal's maddening bureaucracy is just a function of the country's overall economic lack. I won't bore you with an explanation. As Jennifer would (should) say, "It's Durkheim writ large!"

Dinesh has been racing around the last month trying to have Sam's House completely registered prior to my arrival next month. On the constitution he submitted a few weeks back, each trustee's signature was required on each page of the constitution for a total of 400+ signatures. By comparison, Jennifer and I signed a couple pages en route to our Sam's House registration with the IRS.

I don't want to beleaguer the point... but here is a tale from Dinesh from a recent e-mail. Prior to the recommendation letter Dinesh mentions, he needed to collect signatures from people near Sam's House saying they wouldn't be opposed to an orphanage in their neighborhood.

"I am glad to inform you that we have received a recommendation letter from the Pokhara Municipality. Now, with that letter, we will need to go to the District Development Office then finally District Administration Office. The members of the board will also need to be present in the DAO. So, we are planning to go both places on Sunday. The DAO will require police reports of all board members so I guess, that will take some time. Getting the five signatures from the people in the neighborhood was much easier than waiting 2.5 hours for an officer to get his signature on the recommendation letter in the Municipality office. He had gone to a motor-bike repairing centre to get his motorbike repaired during his office hours!!!"

In other news, Dinesh has started gathering price quotes for furniture and other house materials. Next week he'll start advertising for house mothers and sisters to work at Sam's House.


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Sheila said...

!Aidios mio! Yuck, sorry to hear about such insanity over the signatures. It certainly seems to an outsider that everyone is buying into the new endeavor, Sam's House, and so would be very supportive of it. I hope that is the case, cause I know you'll be good neighbors.

Good luck!