Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Beginning

Tomorrow morning I will go to Bremer Bank here in Morris. I'll sit down with one of the friendly tellers and wire $1,500 to Standard Charter Bank in Pokhara, Nepal to the account of Dinesh Rajbhandari.

I will give the teller an account number from which to take the funds. Then she (they're all women at Bremer) will ask me for an account number and something called a Swift code in order to complete the transaction. As it will be Friday, there will be trays of cookies set out for patrons. I can't resist; I'll take one and leave.

In the banking world, this is a fairly mundane transaction, but for us it represents a monumental step for Sam's House. It is our first official disbursement of money.

Dinesh will be using the money as a down payment on some furniture he's ordered from a local carpenter--beds and tables. It also includes our first three month's rent on the house in Pokhara.

We were granted our non-profit status on January 11 of this year, and in less than twelve months, through the incredible support and hard work of friends and family, we've managed to raise enough money to give Sam's House three years of support.

So it will not be without some gratitude and reflection that we make that wire transfer tomorrow.

Thanks to all of you who have helped--either through donations, spreading the news, or just a kind word shared. It has all meant the world to us, but more importantly, it will mean the world to many young children who benefit from your generosity.


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Sheila said...

Awesome, and you can really enjoy the cookies tomorrow!